Welcome to the College Football Rundown

Who are We??
We are Woj and Wahl...Enough Said
What do we do??
We aim to bring you the best college football talk you can find.
When is the show??
Our show airs every Thursday w/ mini episodes throughout the week

College Football

Whether it be the best games to look out for this week or what happened last week if you listen and follow us, you will be the big man on campus.

Fantasy Football

Woj and Wahl are here to help you set your lineups in both Fantasy Football and DFS. We will be going over the top players to look out for and those players you'll want to sit this week. We will also be covering a bit of strategy for those newer to the fantasy scene.

Sports Wagering

Is sports wagering your thing? If so you've come to the right place. Woj and Wahl will go over the biggest line moves, most intriguing lines and tap into our database to provide pro level data to find the best wagers.

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